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The CPHT is about having a blast on the ice with our friends and other hockey lovers. But... sometimes you just can't pull those friends away from the real world. So we've created this forum for you to find other 'Pond-minded' hockey players so that you can form a team!

Whether you're looking to build a team from scratch, just one player, or a team to coach... We bet that after a game on the pond and a cold brewski, you'll have a handful of new best friends.


1. Click the 'Login/Sign up' button to become a forum member. (don't worry, no spam, you simply have to join in order to post)

2. Click on the division you intend to form a team, find a team, or find an extra player within.

3. Reply to another players post or create a post.​

4. Trade Email addresses​ or contact info

5. Form your team or find additional players!