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Popping Cherry

It was confirmed Monday morning that long time

Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry was fired for his controversial comments made during the Sportsnet segment - Coach's Corner.

The television personality and former NHL player has long been associated with the sport of hockey, made widely popular by his on-camera antics and bold fashion statements. It seems Don's cherry has finally been popped and will no longer be seen on Canadian television.

We want to take the time to look back at some of his most memorable television moments through out the years!

Sidney Crosby- Whining

Don Cherry was always outspoken when it came to the way hockey is played. It didn't matter if you were an AHL call-up or an NHL superstar like Crosby; Cherry played no favorites calling people out.

Although his points were valid in this segment, and we agree Crosby does tend whine, it's hard to take a guy serious with a suit like that. Which is why he has always been an easy target for media to poke fun of. Check out this next video of Don Cherry playing the piano!

Enough of poking fun at Don Cherry. In all seriousness, the man has style.

The Cherry, Cherry

Nothing speaks personal branding, like a suit made after you. That's right, this suit is the ultimate Cherry-on-top of an already bold personality. No one else can rock it like this man does... then again, who would want to rock a suit like this? Probably every other hockey player in the world!

Marvel(ous) Suit

One can only marvel at how marvelous this Marvel suit really is! As Uncle Ben once told Spider-Man, "With great power, comes great responsibility". Did Cherry use his power of viewership responsibly leading up to the great pop? Sportsnet didn't seem to think so!


This fashion statement was likely a paid partnership with Abba-Zabba candy bars. The sales department for the candy bar saw revenue increase 1,000% after this episode of Coach's Corner aired. It's hard not to be hungry after looking at a walking billboard advertisement Saturday nights.

Cherry Poppins

Sometimes a spoon fool of sugar, isn't enough to handle the cringe factor of Cherry's suits. Give us a glass of whiskey and we'll entertain the idea that this getup wasn't inspired by a Disney classic!

Once the Cherry has been popped, you can never go back!

We wish Don Cherry the best of luck moving forward. His personality and fashion sense will definitely be missed. What's next for Hockey Night in Canada and Coach's Corner? Will the nation ever recover from the loss of this Canadian icon? He will be hard to replace!

Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament

February 14-16, 2020

Silverthorne, Colorado


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