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Cancellation & Weather Policy

By registering for this tournament, you and your team agree to all information on this page. 


Withdrawal of your team:

We will ALWAYS do everything we can to fill your spot with a wait-listed team and provide you a 100% refund. This becomes very difficult after December 1st and in this case we will not be able to provide a refund or transfer to your team.

  • Teams withdrawing from the tournament after September 1st can not receive a refund (we've already paid for many expenses). *We will do our best to help you fill your spot up until December 1st with a waitlist team, but can not always guarantee it.

  • If you're able to find a replacement team to fill your spot within 30 days of the tournament, we can definitely replace your team no problem and that replacement team can pay you directly for the spot.

  • You can find players to fill your voids or possibly even your team spot on our Free Agent Finder. CLICK HERE 

(Typically the tournament sells out within an hour and then the wait-list begins to grow with many eager teams looking to get in.) 


If the event is forced to cancel on or prior to January 1st for any reason:

  • You may receive 30% refund and will have a guaranteed spot for your team the following year at the regular registration fee.​


If the event is forced to cancel between January 2nd and the first day of the event for any reason:

  • You will have a guaranteed spot for your team the following year at the regular registration fee.​


*We'd be more than happy to talk with you about our refund policy, how it was determined and any other questions you may have!


Please note: As usual, we can not officially announce the tournament location until our rental agreement is completed with the hosting town. We highly anticipate the event being in the same location as 2024 (Georgetown, Colorado) and will keep you informed as soon as this is completed. (Estimated to be March/April 2024)


Event Cancellation is highly unlikely! We have never cancelled in our 15 years of tournament operations. It is now even more unlikely the tournament will have unsuitable ice conditions being held in Georgetown, with incredible ice conditions early and throughout the season!

Tournament directors, together with the Town of Georgetown, will make all decisions on ice and weather safety. 

The Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament is not liable for your team's travel, such as but not limited to air travel, lodging expenses, auto rental, and personal auto travel. Most all travel entities offer low cost travel insurance when booking. 

All players must sign a liability release form at the tournament registration, prior to all tournament games, acknowledging they understand and accept that there are risks involved in participating in any and all recreational activity, are aware of those risks, and are voluntarily participating in the CPHT with knowledge of the risks involved. All players agree to accept and and all such risks of injury, death and/or property damage or loss. In consideration for being allowed to participate in this activity, all players agree to the terms of this waiver, release, covenant not to sue and indemnity agreement as set forth herein. All players, on behalf of themselves, their heirs, next of kin, assigns and personal representative will waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament, The Recess Factory LLC, and its subsidiaries, all CPHT sponsors, the host city and county and all members, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, or any other representatives of the aforementioned entities against any and all causes of action, claims, demands, losses, expenses, liability.

We reserve the right to use the names and photos of registered team members and team names for all tournament promotion, including the
website, press releases, media and marketing.

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Town of Silverthorne, Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament
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