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How much does it cost to enter my team in the tournament and what am I paying for?

​It only costs about $158 per player based on 6 players per team. A lot of work, and we mean A LOT goes into preparing a tournament like this. The entry fees are used to build the rinks, pay for rentals and equipment, site fees, registration processing, player hats, pucks, shovels, staffing, maintenance, and so much more we could bore you for hours. Each team is also asked to provide a $60/team donation to our official charity, the Boy & Girls Scouts of America who volunteer to help at the tournament. This is done at team check-in. You may make the donation by check, cash or credit card during your initial team check-in.


How many players can we have on our team?


Each team can hold up to 6 players maximum. You may only be registered for one team per division. If you wish to play on more than one team in different divisions, keep in mind you may have games at the same time, so you'll end up missing one of your team's games.


If a player on our team is injured or not fit to play come time for a game, can we make substitutions?


You can make any roster changes you'd like prior to the start of the tournament. Please do so via email to within 2 weeks of tournament start date. If you have injured or absent players during the tournament, you can only make roster changes during round-robin play. Once play-offs start, there are no substitutions.


How many games does my team get to play and when?

Every team in the tournament is guaranteed 4 games during round-robin play in your division. Possibly more if you make the play-offs. The schedules are determined on the Sunday night before the tournament. This would be done sooner, but there are many elements that affect the schedule creation, such as ice conditions which determine the quantity of rinks we can build. All schedules can be found only through our free mobile app - Tourney Machine. Links above for Google Play and App Store.


Can we make schedule requests? Some of my team can't make it until Saturday morning.

While we'd love to accomodate every teams special schedule requests, it simply is not possible with 240 teams. You can play a game without your whole team present, so you may need to play a game or two with one of your teammates absent if your entire team is not able to make a game.​


Can spectators and friends come to the tournament? Can they come to the APRES ICE Party?

Absolutely! Entrance to the tournament is free for everybody, and we do have several bars on site, fun games and activities throughout the weekend. The public is also very welcome to party with us at the APRES ICE Party.

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Town of Silverthorne, Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament
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