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A Century of Tradition- The Hockey Sweater

Boston Sweater - 1920's

We begin our look back on a century, with the Boston Bruins. The Bruins of this era were the definition of throwback players. They rocked vintage thick sweaters designed for comfort and durability. The hand stitched logo is an iconic symbol in the world of hockey. Boston combined this design with striped sleeves to complete this classic fit. Room for shoulder pads? Forget about it, these guys were tough!

Toronto Sweater - 1940's

Twenty years down the road, and the original six teams were still rocking vintage sweaters. It seems by this time players had taken a liking to wearing shoulder pads. They maintained the classic look of actual sweaters, but the material had loosened to allow more protection from the game's growing physicality. If you look at today's jersey design for Toronto, it hasn't changed much from the original draft.

Detroit Sweater - 1960's

That's right, by this time hockey attire had evolved from thick sweaters, to lighter weight jersey material. Players recognized the need for full-body equipment and chose a fit with more breathing room to stack layers. This was the beginning of the modern jersey, with similar style of what we see today.

Montreal Jersey - 1980's

The 80's were a game changer in uniform fit and performance. We say jersey here, but it's clear by this time professional uniforms were made for athletic ability. This lightweight material emphasized the growing speed of the game. A simple jersey, the Canadians added to this design over the years. However, the central element of the Habs logo remains the same.

New York Jersey - 2000's

The 2000's brought change in the hockey uniform all together. Equipment and knowledge of material were utilized to maximize athletic ability. Red, blue and white colors represented the city's white collard, American pride mentality. The double stacked lettering of the jersey was a nice touch for eye catching design. The uniform today hasn't changed much from this timeless and bold fit.

Chicago Jersey - 2020

Over the last 100 years, the modern jersey has evolved to this. The optimum jersey made for comfort fit and athletic ability. The Blackhawks maintain the vintage look shared throughout the century, but with modern modifications making it ideal for players to dangle, snipe and celebrate.

Over the last century, jersey design and performance has grown leaps and bounds. It took the original six NHL 100 years to create the classic designs, with modern modifications we see today. The design teams were tasked with the important job of outfitting players in fashionable sportswear. Player's know that when they look good, they feel good, and play good. Why should your Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey experience be any different?

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Hotbox Hockey X Clutch Custom Special Edition Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Jersey

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Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament

February 14-16, 2020


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