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Thank you & 2025 Information

Wow. That's the first word that comes to mind after this year's unbelievable tournament in Georgetown! It was an incredible weekend with all of you and we appreciate you very much. As many of you know, we are very loyal and will do whatever it takes to provide the BEST event experience to all of you each and every year. With that being said, we have given a lot of thought about whether to continue the tournament in Georgetown or go back to Dillon.

Our thoughts were processed in the following way...

1. We all feel a big difference in being 'Loved' or being 'Wanted'. With the changes that occurred this year just 2 weeks before the event date, and everybody in the Town of Georgetown coming together to help save the tournament, it became incredibly apparent that Georgetown 'loved' to have you, your team and the tournament in their historic town. The Town of Georgetown is incredibly thankful for you, they were impressed with your respect, character, and gratitude throughout the entire weekend (prior to the tournament, I insisted that our huge hockey family is 'different' and very respectful, amazing people. They didn't doubt me, but it took each of you to help us prove it... and you did!).

2. Ice conditions and low cancellation probability: From an ice quality and safety perspective, there is no better location for a pond hockey tournament than Georgetown Lake Lagoon. If you want to sign up for a pond hockey tournament that has a VERY low chance of being cancelled due to ice conditions, this is it. Proximity of everything to the ice is also incredible.

3. Feedback from teams: It's common that we only receive feedback if somebody doesn't like something, however, we have received countless emails, voicemails, and had many conversations with teams at this year's tournament who love Georgetown and requested it stay there in the future.

4. Taking these key elements into account: I don't know how anybody could not morally have a huge sense of loyalty towards the Town of Georgetown, their town staff, the local community members and local businesses for helping make this happen. (especially Cabin Creek Brewing for providing an awesome lakeside space) 

So... we would LOVE to stay in Georgetown, and they have already accepted all of us for 2025!

Planning & Benefits for 2025: We have already begun to develop partnerships and room blocks with local lodging and have started conversations with the Town to develop some VERY cool additional activities within the historic old town during the weekend! Stay tuned for this... we can't tell you right now, but daaaamn, we want to!

2025 REGISTRATION:As most of you know, registration will open March 1st, 8:00AM Mountain Time. (historically it sells out in under 10 minutes, so save this link and be ready!)


OPEN: Twine Time

Mountain Time Division: Ten Mile Muffins

BROWN Bottle: Skeeters

WOMENS Division: Great Tits (that's their team name)

35+ Competitive: Beer & Hockey

50+ Steel Can: Dirty Dawgs

Avalanche Team Award: Tampa Bay Rum Runners


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