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Important Update!

As many of you know, weather conditions this winter have forced some of the major pond hockey tournaments around the country to cancel due to poor ice conditions. It's a damn shame and very sad!

We worked tirelessly over the last week to get Lake Dillon ready for our tournament. Yesterday, despite our best efforts and many discussions, The Town of Dillon made the decision to halt ice preparations for events on Lake Dillon. 

THE GOOD NEWS: We can't let this tournament not happen. We know many of you as friends from over the past 15 years and we can't let you down. We immediately pivoted and began making phone calls. We are thrilled to inform you that this year’s Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament is most certainly still on! 

THE SAVIOURS: The Town of Georgetown and Cabin Creek Brewing... With no hesitation, these two stepped in and welcomed the tournament and you into their historic town, quite incredible in such a short time period! We are beyond excited for the opportunity to team up with the Town of Georgetown and Cabin Creek Brewing to introduce you to a very historic and beautiful mountain town in Colorado. This new location, surrounded by sky-touching mountains and near Loveland Ski Resort, is only a 23 minute drive from our original location and offers plenty of rock solid ice for another unforgettable year of pond hockey. The tournament will take place on Georgetown Lake which has been hosting ice activities such as ice racing since the 1970’s. With approximately 17 inches of some of the clearest ice you’ll ever see, Georgetown Lake is more than suitable to host this year’s tournament and Georgetown is very excited to welcome all of us. 

How does this affect all of us? Our only difference at this point will be the location. Our Pond Hockey Village will be lakeside, together with Cabin Creek Brewing and all of our amazing partners.

We will be sending you more details in the coming days, so please stay tuned.

We love and appreciate each of you very much, so thank you for rolling with us on this journey!

Should you have any questions or needs at this time, please don't hesitate to call myself or Patrick on our personal cell phones.

David: 970-389-0310

Patrick: 301-807-9996

*Schedule is subject to change and very likely will have some tweaks! - there is a possibility things may shift if a team can not make it last minute or there are considerable changes in weather. If any changes are made, this will be LIVE on the tournament mobile app. PLEASE check the app schedule before each game to be sure you are on the correct rink and time, as this may change.

The tournament schedule is only found on the mobile app. This is how you will track your team's scores, standings, and schedule. It's available on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store. (it's free)


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