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The Hockey Hair Project

Calling all Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey enthusiasts, we want to see some wild hockey hair at this year’s tournament! Hockey is a sport with many traditions but non more iconic than a head full of flow. There’s wavy flow, crazy flow, Afro-flow and flow bleached lighter than tighty-whites. There’s flow for him and her. There’s flow for the beauties, benders and everything in between. Hockey hair is a statement and an expression of your personality. This tournament prides itself on being unique and we want to encourage you to bring some hair that is unique to yourself.

Need some ideas for yourself? Check out this video of the Minnesota High School Hockey State Championships. These guys are greasy and no doubt their hair-dues translated to slick moves on the ice. Everyone knows when you look good, you feel good, and in return you play good, eh!

Did we forget to mention that there’s a cash prize for the BEST HOCKEY HAIR at the tournament? That’s right, $500 cash prize to the winner of the Après Ice Hockey Hair Project. Saturday night is going to be a party and we can’t wait to celebrate all the hard work that goes into growing that bucket lettuce you call hair!

We will have barbers on-site to give some pre-competition tune-ups. There’s no specific style better than another. Our only word of advice is, GO BIG OR GO HOME! Get crazy, be creative, have fun and hopefully you can put some jangle in your pocket!


Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey

February 14-16

Silverthorne, Colorado


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Town of Silverthorne, Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament
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