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The Winding Roads Lead To Pond Hockey

The Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament is fast approaching. The Town of Silverthorne offers some of the best scenic views you will find in the state of Colorado. For those of you returning this year, it's no surprise why we chose this location to host our tournament.

Reason #1: The Mountains Are Calling

- Colorado is made famous by the majestic and high views of the Rocky Mountains. You won't find another state who loves the mountains the way we do. If you wan't to argue that our northern neighboring states enjoy great views too, go right ahead. However, there's a reason you're coming to the Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament isn't there?

Reason #2: It's Always Winter At High Altitude

- Pond hockey and hockey in general, at least the ice kind, need cold temperatures. Weather in Colorado is extremely unpredictable with temperature fluctuations ranging from 20 degrees one day, and 60 degrees the next. The Rocky Mountains offer a refuge from the dramatic temperature swings we experience on the front range. When the sun comes out, the ice starts to melt. That's why hosting our tournament in the mountains where the overall temperature stays relatively cold, especially at night is perfect for optimum ice conditions.

Reason #3: Clean Air, Clear Minds, Fun Times

- City life just feels congested and Denver is no different. Team's travel from across the country to escape the hustle and bustle of normal life to experience something truly unique. When you escape from the city and head west through the Rocky Mountains, some would say you connect back to the spirit of the game. Hockey started as a past time spent on the frozen lakes of the great outdoors. We feel that hosting our tournament in the Town of Silverthorne, gives our teams the chance to embrace the spirit of the game and take a breath of fresh air.

Remember, The Roads Which Lead To Pond Hockey... Are Winding

When you travel to our tournament, we encourage you to take your time as you traverse through this high altitude landscape. The scenes are breathtaking, but always remember to keep your eyes on the road. When weather hits, take it easy or you might end up in a 10 ft snow bank. Keep in mind, that just because there isn't snow on the road, and even if the road looks dry, the BLACK ICE can get you!

Our friends at TAG Insurance Services and Auto-Owners Insurance would like to leave you with a few tips for safe travels to our tournament.

Rule #1: Check Weather Before You Leave

- It's recommended that you check local news stations for weather updates several days before, as well as the day of. You don't want to be caught by any nasty surprises Colorado weather likes to throw our way. Make sure that the roads are open and make your own judgment call on how comfortable you feel driving in any kind of weather.

Rule #2: Give Yourself Plenty Of Time To Deal With Traffic

- When you're traveling west through the Rocky Mountains, there is one way in and one way out. The Town of Silverthorne is roughly an hour & half drive with good road conditions. Factor in weather and ski traffic depending on the day you travel, and you could run into some holdups. When traveling on the weekends, get up bright and early as the Sun is rising to avoid the majority of holdups. In this instance, the early bird truly does get the worm.

Rule# 3: Use The Buddy System

- Once you've followed rules #1 and #2, it's suggested to drive with a passenger in the car to accompany you on the drive. Passengers are good for small talk, to keep you awake in the early mornings or if you do get stuck in traffic. They help pass the time as the car DJ, which simultaneously keep the driver's eyes on the road. Thirdly, no need to be a captain and navigator at the same time. The buddy system helps keep everyone safe and will make your life a lot easier in the long run.

If you do run into trouble, please visit our friends at TAG Insurance Services and Auto-Owners Insurance who can help you with any of your insurance needs!


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Town of Silverthorne, Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament
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