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A Hockey Tradition, Rooted In Giving Back

The Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament has long been an event, aimed towards greater appreciation of the sport of hockey and its roots. Playing any form of organized hockey growing up in Colorado, means weekends with friends and family inside air-conditioned and climate-controlled ice rinks. This is great for competition because hockey can be played year-round, no matter the season and temperature outside. What Colorado hockey players miss out on, is the opportunity to connect back to the outdoor roots of the game.

Originating with our neighbors to north, hockey is generally understood to be Canada’s game. It’s hard to argue with a country who spends much of their year covered in ice and snow. Throw in the fact there’s a lake around every corner the further north one goes, and it creates the perfect recipe for skilled hockey players. It’s no coincidence many professional hockey players grew up playing in Canada.

That’s why the Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament makes sense to have in Silverthorne, Colorado. During the month of February, temperatures barely rise above freezing. Factor in the surrounding beauty of the Rocky Mountains, with ice thick enough to support over 200 teams on 16 wood board rinks and you have a classic pond hockey tourney!

Hockey is a tradition rooted on the frozen ponds of the outdoors. However, Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey roots are deeper than that. Since 2017, Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey has partnered with Scouts of America, fundraising over $35,000 donated towards the non-profit which benefits Scouts in more ways than one. “Over the last few years our Scouting groups have had some incredible experiences thanks to the fundraising we do during the pond hockey tournament. Our Scouts have gone scuba diving in the Bahamas, canyoning in Alaska, backpacking through Yellowstone National Park, and many other summer camps.” Said Kendal Vaille, local Scouts of America parent.

Giving back to the local community is something Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey takes pride in. With the continued support of returning players and hockey fans, the tournament has found greater success with each year. David Janowiec, director of Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey said, “It just goes to show how strong the hockey community is in Colorado. We started this tournament 11 years ago with the goal of bringing people together for a fun weekend. It has quickly turned into an annual event which provides more experiences than one weekend of pond hockey.”

The Scouts of America are currently planning a 12-day backpacking trip through the mountains at Philmont Scout Ranch for the summer of 2020. This one weekend of hockey has become the largest and most enjoyable fundraiser for the Scouts of America, opening the doors for local Scouts to have experiences of a lifetime.

Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey couldn’t be prouder to support Scouts of America and their efforts to develop outdoor skills, personal values, goal-oriented accomplishments, and leadership traits in kids. If you would like to learn more about Scouts of America, visit their website at

Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament:

Silverthorne, Colorado

February 14-16, 2020


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Town of Silverthorne, Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament
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