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Concussions In the NHL & Pond Hockey Rules!

In recent years within traditional media coverage, the term CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalitic has been a controversial discussion. Concussions as most people know the term, are caused from repeated trauma to the brain (head trauma). Sports like football and hockey have been looked at closely by medical researches who aim to understand the effects of head injuries found in contact sports.

Currently, the NHL has taken a stance on hits around the upper-body region. Anything close to head contact and players are going to the box. This is for good measure. As times have changed, players retired, and believe it or not some got older! The game might be gone, but the wear and tear remains.

Take into consideration Bob Probert. The 16-year NHL veteran who played for both the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks, took on the role of enforcer in the show. During his year’s in the NHL, Probert was a feared competitor by players. He tallied a total of 3,300 penalty minutes which is good for fifth all time on the league's list. Little did he know, the impacts of his role would leave traumatic and life altering conditions for the remainder of his life.

After retiring from the NHL, Probert struggled with depression and alcoholism, as is often the case for retired pro-athletes. What makes Probert interesting, was his request to have his brain analyzed by medical researches from Boston University. After year’s spent playing in the show as a hockey tough guy, Probert’s brain, upon medical examination showed signs of the degenerative brain disease CTE. Although Probert ultimately died of heart failure at the age of 45, one begins to question Probert’s quality of life while dealing with CTE.

Concussions are no joke and they can change a player’s life forever. That’s why we take the rules-of-play at Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey very seriously! If you haven’t caught up on the rules we’ve made for your safety, read through them and their entirety.

If you missed taking a look at our rules-of-play, then allow us to give a brief description. Don’t be a tough guy.

Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey is meant to be fun. It’s competitive, yes, but remember why we play hockey. We want everyone to skate away from this weekend with a revived appreciation of the great outdoors and the roots to a game we’ve come to know and love.

Keep your friends and family safe, wear a helmet and respect your opponents! We can’t wait for Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey weekend!

Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament

-February 14th - 16th, 2020

-Silverthorne, Colorado


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Town of Silverthorne, Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament
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